Should students be allowed to use mobile phones at school?


Does the presence of mobile phones in school affect student scores?

This is an outgoing debate in many countries today.  Most people advocate for a complete ban, however, there is a substantial counterpart arguing that smart phones could be useful teaching tools.

So, the question is: should schools allow the use of mobile phones?

It is a common thought that the usage of a technological device on school premises is likely to be a source of distraction; nevertheless some schools are starting to allow a restricted use of mobile phones.

Likewise, New York Mayor de Blasio lifted a ten – year – ban, with the chancellor of schools stating that it would reduce inequality.

Some recent studies in UK (where 90.3%  of teenagers owned a mobile phone) showed that banning the usage of mobile phones in school improved student achievements, especially for at – risk students.

On the other hand it had no discernible effect on high achievers. Also, 14 – year – olds were not significantly affected in either direction. This could be due to low phone use amongst this age group.

These findings do not discount the possibility that mobile phones and other forms of technology could be useful in schools if their use is properly structured.

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