Dolmio's Pepper Hacker lets you turn off technology with a twist of the wrist


Australian pasta sauce brand Dolmio has come to parents' rescue with the creation of their newPepper Hacker, a pepper grinder that serves the double purpose of remotely blocking access to devices.

The campaign was launched in Australia, where 69 percent of households admitted to witnessing arguments as a result of technology being used at the dinner table. The idea behind the invention was to help families connect by disconnecting from digital distractions.

The kitchen tool operates using remote management software to shut down devices to which it's paired, including TVs, smartphones and tablets, by sending an SMS message. Thirty minutes of tech-free family time is then ensured and dinnertimes can be saved from distractions.

Speaking to MarketingMag, marketing director at Mars Food Australia Richard Stear said “We believe that meals shared with family and friends are often distracted by the very technology that is supposed to bring us closer together, so we’ve created the Dolmio pepper hacker to help connect us with the people in front of us."

Although the device remains a prototype for the time being, parents could very well be excited at the prospect of a pleasant and functioning family dinnertime.

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