Portal de videojuegos de Interaxion

Los e-sports siguen llenando las principales páginas de los periódicos. La noticia más notoria de las últimas semanas ha sido el campeonato de Fornite donde un jóven ganó 3 millones de dólares. Esta semana, en un nuevo campeonato, un equipo al completo de jugadores ha ganado 15 millones de dólares. El dinero, como siempre viene de las grandes audiencias que siguen estos eventos y los [...]

Thinkspot: puntos de pensamiento

Jordan Peterson, el controvertido académico, ha lanzado un nuevo sitio web contra la censura que solo eliminará contenido ofensivo si un tribunal de EE.UU lo ordena específicamente: Peterson se ha convertido en una figura muy seguida en los últimos años. Sus clases son seguidas por miles de estudiantes así como sus conferencias y su libro ha vendido millones en todo el mundo [...]

A Comprehensive Cyberbullying Guide for Parents

Table of Content An Introduction to Cyberbullying What is Cyberbullying? Cyberbullying Trends and Statistics How to Prevent Cyberbullying What to Do if Your Child is Being Cyber Bullied The Effects of Bullying Vulnerable Groups Cyberbullying Guide for Parents – Prevention Summary Cyberbullying Guide for Parents – Summary The Solution to Cyberbullying An Introduction to Cyberbullying Digital [...]

Ultimate Parent's Guide to Internet Safety

In today's world, the Internet environment has become an integral part of everyday life. The younger generation eagerly explores the online world. Kids surf the cyberspace, communicate, make friends, play at home – the “safest” place. Sometimes it's even convenient because you do not have to worry that your kid will meet some weird strangers, will stay with new friends late evening or be bullied [...]

Screentime Battles: When Kids Refuse to Unplug

Many parents who come to my events are excited about my becoming a tech-positive parent…up to a point. But they are also sick of battling with their kids. Some of them also feel nostalgic for a time where kids would just “go out and play” rather than being immersed in digital experiences. Often these differences, set against an idealized version of the past, lead to a negative impression of [...]

Does Apple have an obligation to make the iPhone safer for kids?

The average teen spends at least six hours a day looking at a screen , with most of it from using a smartphone. Many parents, naturally, have wondered if so much time spent in front of a screen is safe. Recent research suggests it’s not. Teens who spend five or more hours a day on electronic devices are 71 percent more likely to have a risk factor for suicide than those who spend less than an [...]

What to do when other parents have different technology rules

A fellow parent tagged me on a great Facebook thread the other day. Her query echoed a question parents frequently ask me: What do you do when other people’s rules for their kids are different, especially when your kids and their kids are playing on the same digital playground? “I am getting tired of my sixth-grader (11-year-old) asking for a Snapchat account. She claims all her friends have had [...]

The President of Interaxion Group met the Prince of Wales

Jubilee's Centre Director and Interaxion's Group President, Professor James Arthur, attended a meeting at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday 15th March, as a member of the Advisory Council of Step Up to Serve, under the leadership of the organisation’s patron HRH the Prince of Wales. Professor Arthur was able to speak to the Council about the Habits of Service research that the Jubilee Centre is [...]

20 ways to protect kids online

If you’re like me, and you use your kids as free tech support whenever you need to configure your wireless router or your TV to play funny cat videos, then it’s probably tempting to let the kids take care of their own online security, as well. That could be a big mistake. While your kids might be experts at the technology, they’re not experts at evaluating risk. You already know that, without [...]

Compass Or A Sat Nav For The Digital World?

Yesterday was Safer Internet Day , an excellent initiative, which for the last 14 years has mobilised thousands of schools and organisations across the country to do their part in educating children about online safety. For my part I worked with a colleague to run five intensive one hour workshops with over 400 year seven students in a large London secondary school. However, as I talked to the [...]