How can I educate my children not to fall into this trap?

In addition to the use of filters as a prudential measure to prevent access to pornographic material, character education is essential. Educating our children to live virtues, value their dignity and that of their peers, and to use well their freedom, are the answer to prevent them from falling into this trap.


Teaching Media Literacy and Combating Pornography

Clearly, if we're serious about media literacy and young people's character development, we can't turn a blind eye to pornography. Says a high school teacher, "Because our kids are getting so much of their information from the electronic media, we need to teach them how to read this just as critically as we have taught them to read print. Why isn't media literacy a required course?" What One [...]

The lifestyle influences pornography consumption

We present the following article " Online and Offline Pornography Consumption in Colombian Adolescents " based on the study of the responses of more than 9,000 teenagers interviewed by InterMedia Social Innovation and the University of La Sabana a year ago, which will also be published in the magazine Comunicar. In this article the authors show how the teenagers' lifestyle can influence [...]