Character Education and Digital Lifestyle: Congress in Rome


The Seminar was attended by over 300 people, from all over the world, particularly from the United States, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Italy, England and Spain.

Many of the professionals came from the fields of ethics and social communication, but also in attendance were journalists, trainers and educators, in addition to many family associations, centers of study and research, and non-profit organizations, including Common SenseProtegetucorazonFapace or CeCe.

The opening session was presented by Prof. James Arthur professor of Education and Civic Engagement at the University of Birmingham and Director of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtue.

In addition to hyper-connection, amongst the numerous issues tackled during the seminar included technological education in the family, the theme of the relationship between adolescents and social networks, the coherence between online and offline life, the prevention of bullying and cyberbullying in schools, video games and television series.

You can download the presentations and papers here.


Speakers Tuesday 18th October

  • James Arthur

Character education at the centre of adolescents life

 3.28 MB Download


  • Concepción Naval

Del uso de Internet en la promoción de virtudes sociales. Un caso concreto: Parlamento Cívico.

 1.61 MB Download

 233.19 KB Download


  • Alfonso Aguiló

Tecnologías en el Aula. Una propuesta educativa.

 18.97 MB Download


  • Besty Bozdech

Character is Common Sense. Evaluating the Media for Kids and Families.

 29.47 MB Download


Speakers Thursday 20th October

  • Armando Fumagalli

Modelli adolescenziali nelle serie televisive

 11.11 MB Download


  • Ana Luisa Rotta Soares

Guías y protocolos de comportamiento digital en la escuela - acoso escolar y ciberacoso.

 2.37 MB Download


  • Reynaldo Rivera

Estilos de vida e investigación científica.

 1.04 MB Download


  • Thomas Lickona

Battling Pornography: The Power of Media Literacy and Character Development.

 1.27 MB Download

 830.02 KB Download


  • Jeff Haynes

21st Century Myths: How Digital Media Reinforces Culture and Virtue

 15.07 MB Download



  • José Quintano

No todo y no siempre

 36.06 MB Download


  • Norberto González

Family and Media.

 5.96 MB Download


  • Juan Martínez Otero

Tsunami digital.

 2.67 MB Download


  • Sophie Domingues


 11.4 MB Download


  • Maria José Soler

Redes sociales y adolescentes

 12.65 MB Download


And here some pictures


Congreso 18/10/2016

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