Does Apple have an obligation to make the iPhone safer for kids?

The average teen spends at least six hours a day looking at a screen , with most of it from using a smartphone. Many parents, naturally, have wondered if so much time spent in front of a screen is safe. Recent research suggests it’s not. Teens who spend five or more hours a day on electronic devices are 71 percent more likely to have a risk factor for suicide than those who spend less than an [...]

What to do when other parents have different technology rules

A fellow parent tagged me on a great Facebook thread the other day. Her query echoed a question parents frequently ask me: What do you do when other people’s rules for their kids are different, especially when your kids and their kids are playing on the same digital playground? “I am getting tired of my sixth-grader (11-year-old) asking for a Snapchat account. She claims all her friends have had [...]

The President of Interaxion Group met the Prince of Wales

Jubilee's Centre Director and Interaxion's Group President, Professor James Arthur, attended a meeting at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday 15th March, as a member of the Advisory Council of Step Up to Serve, under the leadership of the organisation’s patron HRH the Prince of Wales. Professor Arthur was able to speak to the Council about the Habits of Service research that the Jubilee Centre is [...]

20 ways to protect kids online

If you’re like me, and you use your kids as free tech support whenever you need to configure your wireless router or your TV to play funny cat videos, then it’s probably tempting to let the kids take care of their own online security, as well. That could be a big mistake. While your kids might be experts at the technology, they’re not experts at evaluating risk. You already know that, without [...]

Compass Or A Sat Nav For The Digital World?

Yesterday was Safer Internet Day , an excellent initiative, which for the last 14 years has mobilised thousands of schools and organisations across the country to do their part in educating children about online safety. For my part I worked with a colleague to run five intensive one hour workshops with over 400 year seven students in a large London secondary school. However, as I talked to the [...]

6 ways to help your kids stop multitasking during homework

Do you hope your children will do better at school this year? Here are 6 simple and practical tips to help them focus when they are doing their homework. Create a homework friendly space Establish a study schedule Set rules for online assigment Develop focus Allow time for digital activities Set an example The infographic is already available among our materials . Do not hesitate to share it.

Understand the Millennials (and how they use their phones)

Watch the new video of Simon Sinek called ‘Millennials in the Workplace’ that is a collection of insights and observations about this new generation just in four points. They are widely discussed, catered to and even vilified for the way they behave and approach life. Their approach to creativity, leadership and their careers makes them struggle to find success because of those things. This video [...]

How should we teach our kids to use digital media?

Here's the official message from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Any time a new technology is introduced, it disrupts values, routines and behaviors. This goes back well before the printing press replaced oral histories or the telephone replaced face-to-face conversations, but is evident today in our regular habits of checking our smartphones for notifications . Kids are growing up with the [...]

Character Education and Digital Lifestyle: Congress in Rome

The Seminar was attended by over 300 people, from all over the world, particularly from the United States, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Italy, England and Spain. Many of the professionals came from the fields of ethics and social communication, but also in attendance were journalists, trainers and educators, in addition to many family associations, centers of [...]

"Quit social media and you will be happier"

In this TEDx talk, Dr. Cal Newport tries to convince people to quit social media, because is the "better way to achieve balance between work, family and entertainment". Surely, there should be nuances, but Dr. Newport's ideas are very interesting and could help in the debate.