Analysis and Reports

What it consists of

Questionnaire: questions that map the lifestyleand the most important personality traits of children and teenagers.

Report: the result of a prolonged process of drawing conclusions in order to summarisecompletely the information gathered from the questionnaires.

Who does it?

The report is put together by the members of a research team from InterMedia Social Innovation, who are both experts on the statistical treatment of data and the current anxieties of teenagers.

To find out more about the studies on which the programme is based you can write to

How long does it take?

It takes approximately between 15 and 30 minutes to complete the Interaxion questionnaire (depending on the speed of the teenager in question).

The explicit consent of the parents of the teenagers must be given that the survey results can be used.

Twin objectives

1. Micro focus: detection of problematic behaviour within the classes of the school. This allows for the development of personalisedinterventions that can alleviate the problem in question more effectively (bullying, high-risk behaviours, low social awareness, etc.).

2. Macro focus: comparison of the results from the different classes and other schools. This shows the position of the school in question and provides a broader view of its strengths and weaknesses, to allow for comparison and to avoid the basing of results on absolute scales.

Target audience

The report is aimed at those who co-ordinate, manage or work directly with the teenagers, be they the directors of the schools, psychologists,teachers, guidance counsellors or the parents of the teenagers themselves

Online discussion

Based on the Interaxion report, an online discussion is organised with the school directors, the project managers (ideally Interaxion coaches) and those people that the school considers appropriate.The Interaxion experts who prepared the school report take part in the discussion along with another Interaxion staff member.