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The President of Interaxion Group met the Prince of Wales

Jubilee's Centre Director and Interaxion's Group President, Professor James Arthur, attended a meeting at [...]

20 ways to protect kids online

If you’re like me, and you use your kids as free tech support whenever you need to configure your wireless [...]

6 ways to help your kids stop multitasking during homework

Do you hope your children will do better at school this year? Here are 6 simple and practical tips to help [...]

Compass Or A Sat Nav For The Digital World?

Yesterday was Safer Internet Day , an excellent initiative, which for the last 14 years has mobilised [...]

Understand the Millennials (and how they use their phones)

Watch the new video of Simon Sinek called ‘Millennials in the Workplace’ that is a collection of insights and [...]

Interaxion Group’s New President

On October 20 th , in the final event of the “Interaxion Congress: Character Education and Digital Lifestyles [...]